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Keeping track of web-pages

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are an easy way of keeping track of new content and headlines on your favourite websites and blogs. Once you've subscribed to a website's RSS feed, you can receive notices about new content and a summary of this content. This means that instead of checking each individual website for new content, you just check your RSS feeds.

Most browsers have an RSS aggegator function built in and you can easily subscribe to a feed on a website by clicking on the RSS icon that appears in the address bar. In Firefox, this is called 'live bookmarking'. Popular email software such as Thunderbird will let you subscribe to and view RSS content in a format similar to email. You can also use web-based tools like Google Reader, which will show you your RSS feeds on a dedicated page.

The disadvantage of aggregators and RSS feeds is that you can become overwhelmed with updates and information. Subscribe only to things you absolutely need to follow.

For more on RSS feeds, see