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Search engine security

If you are concerned about someone monitoring your search keywords, you can use an SSL connection with Google. Just type in This doesn't prevent Google from logging your search requests, but it does ensure that your search is not being monitored by a third party on the internet.

Searching web-pages

The web-browser is a great tool for research. To find information on the web, you can use a search engine to look for relevant words (keywords) that are embedded in web-pages. Search engines store information about web-pages, which they gather using automated systems known as 'web-crawlers'. When you enter keywords into a search engine, they search their own databases for web-pages containing those keywords.

Web-browsing security

Many countries have installed software to prevent people from accessing certain websites and internet services. Companies, schools and public libraries often use similar software to prevent employees, students and patrons from accessing material that they consider distracting or harmful.

Troubleshooting web-browsers

There are a lot of reasons why your web-browser might have problems loading a web-page. The first thing to try is clicking the 'reload' button. If that doesn't work, then:

Browsing web-pages

A web-browser is the main way for you to view information on the internet. If you are reading this guide on the web, then you are using a web-browser to do it. The most commonly used browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. Most of what you do on the internet can be done via the web-browser.

This includes: -

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