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Protecting the health of your computer

If you use a computer you know how challenging it is to keep it running smoothly, avoiding crashes or loss of processing speed. Inevitably though, problems arise: systems develop bugs, software becomes corrupted – your computer may even come down with a virus! The following points will help you keep your computer and data in good condition and working smoothly:

Troubleshooting web-browsers

There are a lot of reasons why your web-browser might have problems loading a web-page. The first thing to try is clicking the 'reload' button. If that doesn't work, then:


Don't PANIC! There is a direct correlation between the amount of stress a user is under and the number of times a computer will crash. When you are in a rush to get a document finished, you may forget to close open applications or to save your work, and you might well send too many commands (like printing, spell-check, etc.) at once.

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