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Tips for Windows OS users

Windows OS users should regularly do the following:

1. Disk clean-up

There are probably plenty of files on your computer which you don't need. These can slow down your operating system. To clean up your Hard Disk Drive (HDD), you should: 

  • Uninstall applications – and delete the programme files – that you don't use any more.
  • Regularly check the Temporary Files (tmp) folder (you can find this in your C drive), and delete any unnecessary files.  

2. Disk error checking

Protecting the health of your computer

If you use a computer you know how challenging it is to keep it running smoothly, avoiding crashes or loss of processing speed. Inevitably though, problems arise: systems develop bugs, software becomes corrupted – your computer may even come down with a virus! The following points will help you keep your computer and data in good condition and working smoothly:

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