What is Digital Survival


To survive in the digital age, with constantly changing technologies, it’s important to learn the basics of how things work.

For this guide we have organised information about the three most widely used digital technologies: ‘The Computer’, ‘The Internet’ and ‘The Mobile Phone’. We aim to explain the essentials of these technologies to make them accessible and easy to understand. We have also highlighted security issues. The more you use digital technologies, the more vulnerable you become and it’s important to understand the risks.

There’s no need to read the entire guide cover to cover, you can scan the chapter titles and go to whatever topic you’d like to, or need to, learn more about. This also means that you can use it as a reference and come back to it whenever you want to learn more.

The Computer

How to keep your computer healthy and running smoothly


The Internet

Simple ways of getting the most out of the internet


The Mobile Phone

How to make the best use of your mobile phone